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A modern Renaissance man

A Renaissance man or polymath is a person who is skilled in multiple fields or multiple disciplines, and who has a broad base of knowledge. When one thinks of a renaissance man, various artists and scholars of the European Renaissance,  who pursued multiple fields of studies, come to mind: Leonardo Da Vinci is probably foremost, a master of art, engineering,  anatomy, and other disciplines.

Ralph Crawford is often referred to as a "modern day Renaissance man." He is a man of many talents and interests, a great thinker, a man of unquenchable curiosity, and a tenacious inventive imagination.   

Ralph was born and grew up mostly in southern California, with a year or two in Idaho.  As a youngster, Ralph went to an academy for boys, where he was in trouble much of the time for drawing instead of concentrating on his studies.  Indeed, Ralph was less interested in schooling than drawing or designing rockets and what he saw or imagined, according to his earliest memories.  

From an early age, Ralph worked hard and enjoyed lifting weights, as well as having fun.  He married Charlotte Bowman in 1952, and eventually had 4 children, Michael, Jennifer, Daniel, and Jessica. To escape the escalating growth and busyness of Southern California, Ralph and Charlotte moved to the Lewiston, Idaho in 1960. There they had a small farm, where they raised their children, hunted, gardened, raised cows, horses, pigs, peacocks, chickens, and a number of other animals.  During these years, Ralph learned to do taxidermy, the art of preparing, stuffing, and mounting the skins and hides of animals.  This is where he became so cognizant of animal forms, muscle groups, and  positions.

Ralph started a Roofing business, where he employed over 30 people at one time. He can build and design just about anything he saw, imagined or needed.  (Including a unique revolving mold maker).  

Ralph's interest in designing rockets and aircraft continued, and in 1970 he got his pilots license. Ralph has continued designing air crafts, and is currently working the designs for  a hovercrafts.

Ralph started carving wood, and began sculpting in the early 1970's and eventually began sculpting full time, traveling the United States broadly during the late 1970's and into the 1980's, where Ralph entered and won numerous art awards.