Ralph Crawford often works on commission, creating a specific work of art that someone asks him to make.  A "commission" is completely different from working for yourself where you make whatever you want to make without any input or influence from others. Making a work of art of his choice is a solo act, but producing a work of art on commission for someone else is a relationship.  A commission is a partnership between Crawford and the person who wants a particular piece of art created. 

  • From Crawford's end, the key to successfully working on commission is his ability to be flexible and communicate with the person who hires him.
  • A commission relationship only succeeds when each person responds effectively to the other party's concerns, requests and needs, which hopefully are reasonable and not too numerous or demanding.  
  • Commissions are taken by Crawford with a 1/4 of the final price down payment.  
  • The foundry price is above and beyond the artist price and is determined by the foundry for each particular piece.  
  • Shipping is provided by the person who commissions the artwork, not the artist.  
  • Major changes outside of the original contract price are accrued or added to the purchasers contract price.


Corporate lease plans and terms for individuals are available, as are entire editions or commissions for sculptures of specific subject matter.  Artwork by Ralph Crawford is Convertible Art, which can be traded for future purchases.

Art Pricing & Commissions...

 Ralph Crawford