Paper  sculpture is not a new art form in the world of art.  Some forms of paper sculpture, such as embossing and intaglio, were practiced in ancient times.  Modern paper sculptures are generating excitement among art dealers, collectors and interior decorators because, unlike paintings or prints which are also "works of art on paper," - the paper IS the art in the media of paper sculpture!  Each sculpture is a three-dimensional piece of art in a two-dimensional medium which can hang on the wall like a fine lithograph.

 Many of these sculptures are done in bas-reliefand have the dimensional effect of a fine sculpture.  As artist Ralph Crawford said, "Bronze sculpture needs to be displayed in the middle of the room, but the use of a small picture light will bring a paper sculpture to life, making it the focal point of a room's decor.  A well-lit paper sculpture with its whiteness and deep shadow will easily overpower a bronze sculpture costing ten times as much with dramatic effect.  Paper sculpture is an alternative to a heavy bronze or stone sculpture... a lightweight, dramatic, seemingly two-dimensional art form, coming to life in the third-dimension.  The play of light and form and shadows creates a strength  unique to any other medium, giving an illusion of marble floating in space. "

To create these works of art, Crawford first creates an original sculpture of wax or clay.  A mold is made of the piece, and then 100% acid free cotton rag pulp is hand pressed into the mold and allowed to set for several days until released by the mold. These sculptures may be framed in a museum-style lucite box or in a shadow box with wooden sides and colored mat board background to accent the colors of the room in which they will hang.

 Paper Sculpture...

 Ralph Crawford