Ralph Crawford 

Ralph Crawford, has been creating Western, Wildlife & Classic Sculpture professionally for over 30 years. His sculptures speak for themselves communicating excellent design and execution.   Ralph began his sculpture career with wood carvings in 1972, and progressed to various other sculpture mediums, including bronze, silver, pewter, paper and stone sculpture. Ralph has won numerous art awards including "Best Artist" for the prestigious Southwest Art Show in Tucson, Arizona.  Ralph continues to travel the world showing and viewing art. 

Ralph was commissioned by the World Art Museum in Tulsa, OK to sculpt larger than life sculptures of some of the most well known Native American Chiefs in America, including Rain in the Face (shown  above).  Because Ralph is known for modeling the human body with realism and accuracy, he has also been featured in Muscle Magazine for his sculptures commissioned by Arnold Schwarzenegger, actor and governor of California, and Joe Weider, founder of Mr. Olympic. His works are celebrated for their individual character, motion and physical accuracy, and have been compared to Auguste Rodin.